What we do

What we do

We guide and assist international companies from the USA, Canada, Europe and Asia, to complete the whole „going public „ process from scratch.

A publicly traded company has greater opportunities over all. It can attract potential investors based on an active liquid market for buyers and sellers.

This liquidity can significantly increase the value of the corporation, contingent, of course, on a variety of different factors.

Our mission

We understand most companies have limited budgets, so we created the going public solution to be specifically for small and emerging growth companies world wide.

To acchieve maximum efficiency, our international clients work with one point of contant through the whole process. It‘s our mission to help specially small and emerging growth companies to get through the whole IPO procees hassle free. Our expierence has shown that most companies and CEO`s are simply not able to handle it by themselves, even if they have hired a very professional Securties Law firm.

We believe that it‘s more important for CEO`s to be involved with their daily business, rather then working 24 hrs a day to get the company public.

Our core team, which includes different service providers, will design and implement the right „going puplic „solution for you. Get it in touch with us today to discuss your going public strategy and let us review and create a perfect Roadmap to achieve your goal!